Xiamen Gaoqi Customs Leaders Visited Our Company for Research and Guidance
Xiamen Gaoqi Customs Leaders Visited Our Company for Research and Guidance Mar 04, 2024

On February 27th, our company was honored to receive a visit from the leaders of Xiamen Gaoqi Customs and their entourage. This important visit demonstrated the government's high concern for our company's development, and also highlighted our outstanding strength in the industry. 

During the day's trip, our general manager Mr. Wang introduced the company's development history, operation situation, market trends and future development strategies. Mr. Wang's introduction was comprehensive and exhaustive, which gave the senior management of the Customs a clear understanding of the overall situation of our company.


Subsequently, the customs representatives had a detailed understanding of our upstream resources, export tax rebate policy and shipments, which not only demonstrated our internationalized operation level, but also fully responded to the concerns of the customs senior management about our company.

In the process of communication, the Customs understood the specific problems encountered by our company in lithium battery shipment, gave corresponding guidance and suggestions, and expressed that they would pay attention and support in the future, and proposed that they would continue to optimize the environment and conditions of the export industry.


Immediately after that, the Customs and Excise Department visited our product showroom, and Mr. Wang introduced our advanced hub2.0 system in detail, which is another major breakthrough in the research and development of our battery monitoring technology, and also a remarkable fruit of long-term adherence to technological innovation.

Finally, the customs representatives also visited the test center of our R&D department, and expressed their confidence in the future development of our company after they deeply understood our R&D direction and technical strength.

The visit of the senior management of the Customs to our company not only deepened the government's understanding and support for our company, but also injected a new impetus for the development of our company in the international market. Under the concern of all levels of departments, Ducheng Electronics always insists on the development direction oriented by technological innovation, always plows into the field of clean energy with full enthusiasm and pragmatic attitude, and aspires to become the benchmark of energy enterprises in the province and even in the country.

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