• METS TRADE 2023 in the Netherlands
    2023 - 11 - 08Admin METS TRADE 2023 in the Netherlands
    We are happy to share some exciting news with you all! Our company will participate in the upcoming METS TRADE exhibition, which is a marine and yacht equipment exhibition in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We very much look forward to meeting you at this industry event!   Details of the exhibition are as follows:   Exhibition name: METS TRADE 2023 Booth number: 05.514 Time: November 15 to November 17, 2023 Location: RAI Amsterdam Europaplein 24 1078 GZ We will be showcasing our latest products, explaining our solutions and discussing cooperation opportunities with you at booth 05.514. Whether you are a potential customer, partner, or other industry professional, we welcome you.   If you are planning to attend the METS TRADE exhibition and are interested in learning more about our products and services, we very much look forward to receiving your visit time and date. Please reply to this email or contact our sales team directly to schedule a convenient time to meet.   During the exhibition, we will showcase our latest technologies, solutions and innovative products, and provide opportunities for in-depth communication with you. We believe that this exhibition will bring more cooperation and business opportunities to us and you.   Thank you again for your attention and support, we look forward to meeting you at the METS TRADE exhibition!  
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  • MetsTrade '23
    2023 - 11 - 07Admin MetsTrade '23
    Hello, friends of the sun! This is a small selection of the products we will be presenting at the Mets Trade Show in Amsterdam from 15 to 17 November. Are you a potential business customer and are you looking for a solar solution for your portfolio that will give you a unique selling point for your company? These are the areas of maritime applications, Vanlife, Tiny House or outdoor sports.Then visit us at our stand 05-514 at the Met Start Show in Amsterdam from 15 to 17 November. My team and me from Eco-Worthy look forward to meeting you and talking to you. See you then!https://eco-worthy.de  
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  • ECO-SOURCES donates to Cape Verdean women's organizations
    2023 - 10 - 30Admin ECO-SOURCES donates to Cape Verdean women's organizations
    We are proud to announce that our company recently donated a number of gifts to a women's organization in Cape Verde. This donation is a reflection of our company's continued support for women's rights. In Cape Verde, women face a variety of challenges, including poverty, inadequate resources for education and healthcare, and more. Our company is willing to make a positive contribution to these issues, and through this donation we are sending warmth and care to the women of Cape Verde. The gifts we are donating are designed to help the women improve their quality of life and self-esteem. The gifts include black pens, tea leaves, tea sets, USB cables, notebooks, cell phone holders and quality polo shirts. These gifts represent XIAMEN ECO-SOURCES TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.'s contribution to Cape Verdean women's organizations and hopefully bring them some convenience and happiness. We are confident that these gifts will have a positive impact on the women of Cape Verde, allowing them to feel the warmth and support of the community. We thank the women's organizations in Cape Verde for all the efforts they have made on their behalf, and we are deeply impressed by their dedication and selflessness to the community. We hope this donation can bring some substantial help to the women's organizations and help them continue to fight for more progress for women's rights. As a socially responsible enterprise, we will continue to be committed to supporting women's equality and rights, as well as other groups in need. We believe that only through collaboration and support can we work together to create a more equitable and inclusive society. Thank you for your continued support of our company, and we look forward to working with you to make more contributions to social causes. Thank you!  
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  • Eco-Worthy Roadshow - Europe
    2023 - 10 - 20Admin Eco-Worthy Roadshow - Europe
    Hello dear friends of the sun!    Eco-Worthy is going on tour, and on a European tour at that. For one month, we'll be driving our camper across Central Europe, in winter.   With us we have many devices from our own production, which we will put through their paces in the hard winter use. But most importantly, on this tour we will visit various solar projects in Europe, from very small to very large.   We will present these projects as videos, podcasts and articles on our respective channels. And you can be part of it.   If you want to be there and your projects are roughly on the route, then get in touch with us. We'll come by, do interviews, take a look, film and so on, and present this project to our listeners, viewers, readers.   See you, bye bye!      
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  • Come and Join us at the Upcoming Canton Fair to Discover Eco-Sources!
    2023 - 10 - 10Admin Come and Join us at the Upcoming Canton Fair to Discover Eco-Sources!
    We sincerely invite you to join us at the highly anticipated 134th Canton Fair!   The Canton Fair is known as "China's No. 1 Fair" because it has the longest history, the largest scale, the widest variety of products, the largest number of buyers from all countries and regions, and the best results in terms of turnover.   Visit us at Booth 15.3 H16-17 to explore our innovative products and solutions:  Time: October 15-19 Venue: Canton Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou, China    We are looking forward to meeting you at the show! Don't miss this great opportunity to explore the future, solar and lithium iron phosphate batteries with Eco-Sources.  
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  • Discover Eco-Sources at the upcoming RV trade show!
    2023 - 09 - 20Admin Discover Eco-Sources at the upcoming RV trade show!
    Join us at the highly anticipated Third Annual Hall of Fame RV Supplier's Show! This RV Trade Show is the perfect platform for RV manufacturers, component suppliers, dealers, and campgrounds to connect and explore exciting opportunities.   Visit us at Booth 242 & 243 to explore our innovative products and solutions. Event Details: ꔷ Date: Monday, September 25th - Wednesday, September 27th ꔷ Time: 9:00 AM ET to 5:00 PM ET ꔷ Location: 21565 Executive Parkway, Elkhart, Indiana 46514   We are thrilled to meet you all at the trade show! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to discover the future of RV technology, solar power, and LiFePO4 battery with Eco-Sources.  
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  • Overland Expo PNW 2023
    2023 - 07 - 09Admin Overland Expo PNW 2023
    Big thanks to our team members who put great efforts on our booth at Overland Expo PNW 2023. Eco-Sources is growing and learning. We are dedicated to provide great-quality products and in-time services.  #overland #overlandexpo #lithiumbattery #solar #solarenergy #vanlife #vanlifestyle
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  • 100% renewable energy coverage for new buildings by 2030
    2022 - 07 - 12Admin 100% renewable energy coverage for new buildings by 2030
    New proposal from European Commission that targeting in Energy Performance of Buildings Directive The EC has proposed that as of 2030 all new buildings should emit no on-site carbon emissions from fossil fuels. The European Union’s executive branch that would see all new buildings in the bloc be powered by renewables “as far as possible” and emit no on-site carbon emissions from fossil fuels from 2030. The European Commission (EC) has proposed that the new rules around the energy performance of buildings will align with the European Green Deal as part of a revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). The updated EPBD would require that in all new buildings, where technically feasible, 100% of on-site energy consumption is covered by renewable energy as of 2030, with an earlier adoption as of 2027 for public buildings. The long-term goal is to decarbonise the EU’s building stock by 2050. “Overall, today’s proposal for EPBDII is set to mainstream the installation of on-site solar and storage in building renovations, making it that much easier for Europe to benefit from the most low-cost and flexible clean energy source,” said Miguel Herrero, senior policy advisor at SPE(SolarPower Europe). How will the proposal support the phase out of fossil fuels used for heating in buildings? The updated directive places a much stronger emphasis on the decarbonisation of existing and worst-performing buildings, according to SPE. The revisions form part of the EC’s ‘Fit for 55’ package, which aims to align the EU’s climate and energy legislation with its ambition of slashing emissions 55% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels, as it looks to reach net zero by 2050. As part of that package, the EC earlier this year updated its Renewable Energy Directive to increase the overall binding target from 32% to a new level of 40% renewables in the bloc’s energy mix by 2030. Presenting the EPBD proposal, EC executive vice-president Frans Timmermans said it prioritises the most cost-effective renovations while helping to fight energy poverty. “By targeting the obstacles to renovation and providing financial support for the necessary upfront investment, today’s proposal on the energy performance of buildings aims to boost the rate of energy renovation across the EU,” he said. The proposal introduces a building ‘renovation passport’ that would provide homeowners with a tool to facilitate planning towards zero emissions. Will this proposal lead to higher costs for home owners or industry? From the EC press corner page, we could learn their opinion: Energy renovation pays for itself over time, generating energy bills savings, which are generally a multiple of the investment needed to upgrade a building performance. Despite this, currently energy renovation often does not take place because of a variety of upfront obstacles. This can leave home owners and tenants exposed to higher energy costs and more vulnerable to energy price increases. This is especially true for those living in the worst performing buildings who are also often those with less capital to finance energy efficiency improvements. By targeting the obstacles to renovation, this proposal aims to lower costs for these home owners and tenants. It does so by focussing on buildings where renovation is the most cost-effective and brings the greatest savings on energy consumption, CO2 price, taxes and tariffs. A home in energy class G consumes on average about 10 times more energy than a nearly-zero energy building or a zero-emissions building. Upgrading these buildings through renovation to energy class F will trigger between 4.6-6.2 Mtoe a year in energy savings across the EU. An upgrade to energy class E will trigger about 2/3 more energy savings. Under the Commission's proposal, the renovation from level G to F on the Energy Performance Certificate scale would apply to about 30 million building units. The Commission is helping to mobilise the finance for the upfront investment costs for these units, with up to €150 billion from the EU budget available to implement the minimum energy performance standards, between now and 2030. Finance comes from several sources, including the European Regional and Development Fund, the Cohesion Fund and the Recovery and Resilience Facility, thanks in particular to the strong ‘Renovate' flagships in national recovery and resilience plans. The proposed new Social Climate Fund will also mobilise €72.2 billion from the EU budget for the period 2025-2032 to support households, notably those living in worst performing buildings. To enable an efficient combination of public and private financing, the Commission is also working to make the State aid framework more conducive to the needs of the EU-wide minimum energy performance standards.   National Building Renovation Plans must also ensure the deployment of sufficient funds and support, to provide national-level finance and help leverage private investment.  
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  • The US Solar Industry in 2021- Rising Price but Strong Demand
    2022 - 07 - 12Admin The US Solar Industry in 2021- Rising Price but Strong Demand
    CanaryMedia authour Eric Wesoff published a US solar review titled: "The solar industry in 2021: Big, complicated and kind of weird” The continuous downward trend in PV prices has come to the end For the first time in the memory of many solar analysts, prices for solar system hardware increased in an industry where it was assumed that prices would continue to decline. All materials used to make solar modules are facing upward price pressure, including polysilicon, silver, copper, aluminum and glass. High prices for polysilicon are challenging some solar projects. Bloomberg NEF’s solar team notes that polysilicon spot prices have rocketed from a low of $6.30 per kilogram in 2020 to $37 per kilogram at the end of this year. Global logistics issues are forcing delayed deliveries and higher prices for PV materials and modules. Shipping costs have risen by 500%, according to some analyst. Solar power remains the lowest-cost energy source in many places, but due to less profit, power purchase agreements are being renegotiated. Still, strong demand for solar means PV projects are more likely to be temporarily delayed than cancelled. The increase in solar input costs and power purchase is same with other sources. Solar-plus-storage on the rise   “Of the 170 gigawatts of solar projects entering the grid interconnection queues in 2020, 36 percent were paired with batteries,” according to a report from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. “Everything in 2022 will have a storage component,” George Hershman, CEO of engineering procurement and construction company Solv, told this author. “Everything in California and the West, every contracted asset is going to have storage. We’re seeing the scale [of storage] go up and cost go down, and we understand how to monetize it. It’s here to stay.” Stable Growth of PV Market in US   Despite of the global economic conditions change and wavy domestic energy policies. The U.S. solar market has managed to achieve a decade of steady growth. Even in the "alternative" year of 2021, solar expansion still continues. Based on results from the first three quarters, analysts estimate the U.S. will deploy 19G watts of utility solar and nearly 4G watts of distributed solar in 2021, both of which set U.S. records. The solar industry is booming, despite high installation costs, worker shortages, supply chain issues and complex import duties. Solar growth in the U.S. has been phenomenal and consistent. Except the mentioned 23 GW project in 2021, S&P Global Market Intelligence also forecasts that 44 GW of PV to be commissioned in 2022, almost double the amount of 2021. According to a report by the Solar Energy Industries Association and Wood Mackenzie, the cumulative installed capacity of solar PV in the United States has exceeded 100G watts. S&P researchers say U.S. solar demand remains strong, with 17.4G watts of generating capacity under development or under construction.   “The U.S. solar market has never experienced this many opposing dynamics,” said Michelle Davis, principal analyst at Wood Mackenzie. “On the one hand, supply-chain constraints continue to escalate, putting gigawatts of projects at risk. On the other, the Build Back Better Act would be a major market stimulant for this industry, establishing long-term certainty of continued growth.”
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  • A Research Find that about One-Third Participants Consider Purchasing a PV System in Germany
    2022 - 07 - 12Admin A Research Find that about One-Third Participants Consider Purchasing a PV System in Germany
    The perception of current energy price increases among people is high, as the latest study. For more than two-thirds of surveyed German households, rising energy prices result in specific actions. Besides optimizing their own energy consumption, about one-third consider purchasing a photovoltaic (PV) system. Because of high energy prices, one-fourth of interviewees view buying an electric car as an interesting option. Households that have exhausted all energy-saving potentials see no need for action. These are results of a recent analysis in the context of this year’s Energiewende Award for energy suppliers. The perception of and dealing with energy price increases are the object of a recent study. The survey among 500 households shows that a little more than half of the interviewees mostly perceive energy price increases when fueling their cars. Additionally, one-fourth of interviewees see a connection between the rise in energy prices with an overall increase in consumer goods prices. For twelve, seven, and four percent of survey participants energy price increases are revealed in their gas, electricity, or oil bill. Further results reveal that two-thirds of homeowners derive specific actions as a result of rising energy prices. The most dominant action named is a behavioral change regarding their own energy consumption in order to realize cost savings. About half of the survey respondents intending to optimize their energy consumption, name the purchase of more efficient electrical appliances as a measure to reduce energy usage. About 41 and 38 percent of interviewees consider a change of supplier for electricity and oil/gas respectively. In order to minimize externally sourced electricity and to reduce energy costs, 36 percent of survey participants plan to buy a PV system to allow for the self-consumption of solar electricity. With about one-fourth each, the exchange of the heating system or the switch to electric vehicles is named as two more measures that are specific to combat increasing energy prices. More than one-third of the 500 interviewed homeowners do not see a need for specific actions for different reasons: About half of the respondents believe they have exhausted all saving potentials in their households. About 31 percent of this group states to become only active once diesel-fueled cars or oil heating is being banned. A little more than one-fourth of those interviewees are waiting for more attractive funding while every fifth lacks knowledge about energy savings or the possibility for own energy production. The relatively small share of people (9 percent), for whom energy costs do not play a major role, shows that energy costs are generally highly relevant.   “Because energy costs are climbing from one record to another, citizen instinctively focus more and more on energy costs. Our most recent market research results demonstrate a distinct sensibility for energy prices in the population. The high willingness to implement measures to counteract high energy prices or energy demand, can clearly be seen as positive. High energy prices accelerate started development to invest in an own photovoltaic system or electric car”, comments Dr. Martin Ammon, Managing Partner of EUPD Research, on the latest results.
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  • Bright Future of Photovoltaic Power
    2022 - 07 - 12Admin Bright Future of Photovoltaic Power
    As with many industrial transitions, the emergence of solar PV was aided by government investment. This occurred first through R&D, and then the creation of a stable investment climate, as Germany did with the creation of the energy transition over the last 15 years. Renewable Energy – Recast to 2030 (RED II) In November 2016, the European Commission published its ‘Clean Energy for all Europeans’ initiative. As part of this package, the Commission adopted a legislative proposal for a recast of the Renewable Energy Directive. In the context of the co-decision procedure, a final compromise text among the EU institutions was agreed in June 2018. In December 2018, the revised renewable energy directive 2018/2001/EU entered into force. OVERALL TARGET--In RED II, the overall EU target for Renewable Energy Sources consumption by 2030 has been raised to 32%. European countries publish positive policy to respond RED II, for example, The Italian state has long been attentive to the production of sustainable energy to meet the national objectives of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. For this reason, it has provided an incentive for photovoltaics which is configured as a tax relief that helps citizens to amortize and reduce the cost of installing a photovoltaic system and is a proactive stimulus in the choice of switching to energy from RES (Sources of Renewable Energy) for domestic consumption. Budget Law 2020: deductions for photovoltaics confirmed The 2020 Budget Law of 12/30/2019 extends Home Bonuses active already during 2019 in the field of energy efficiency until December 31, 2020. Among these we find the Restructuring Bonus , the tax deduction identified by Presidential Decree 917/86 art. 16.bis , intended for restoration, conservative rehabilitation and renovation of one's home, including interventions for energy saving and the use of renewable energy sources . For the installation of photovoltaic solar systems in the home, the tax concessions provided for by the legislation consist of a 50% personal income tax deduction, which also include any energy storage device.   More and more people living in different countries and areas initiate searching for photovoltaic power system that could produce independent clean electricity for the home use. Below our experience on how to choose a suitable solar panel system for your house. 1. What types of solar energy kits The most commonly searched for type of solar energy kits are: Grid-tied/on grid kit These are solar panel kits designed to power a house. The most common type of kits for homes are a simple grid-tied kit. The reason is that these are the most common is that in most states there are net metering laws that give you close to retail value for excess solar energy that you export to the utility grid system during the middle of the day when your solar system. This means that most people don’t need a battery bank to store this excess power the panels produce during the middle of the day when your house is consuming little electricity. A grid-tied kit is usually only the solar panels and the inverter. It may or may not also include the mounting hardware required to connect your solar panels to your roof or other sundry electrical equipment such as cables, glands, circuit breakers, etc.  Off-grid kit The second type of solar panel kits for homes are off-grid solar power kits. There are both AC coupled and DC coupled off grid system kits. If the off grid kit is an AC coupled it will include the same equipment as a grid tied kit (solar panels and a standard DC to AC grid inverter) but also the batteries. 2. How to compare solar panel kits online Obviously, each of the different types of solar kits described above will include different equipment. However, regardless of whether the kit is, there are differences between kits websites that are worth being aware to compare them. Notably: Does the kit seller offer design advice? Does the kit price include free shipping? Does the kit include mounting equipment and sundry electrical? Eco-Worthy focus on affordable solar panel system for suburbs resident Eco-Worthy, with more than 10 years R&D in photovoltaic products, determined to provide affordable, effective and complete solar panel system for those suburbs resident.  Through uncountable researches, designs and tests, we’ve created many reliable solar panel combinations for global customers. Of course, systems contain all parts and necessary components for you to install a 1kw-4kw solar panel kit on your roof. On-grid kit✔ Off-grid kit✔ Design advice✔ We provide design advice for customers who desire to make a DIY project. Free shipping✔ Whatever on eBay, Amazon or official website, we bear ALL shipping fee for you. Mounting equipment and sundry electrical✔   All necessary brackets and cables for each panel, each component, we’ve chosen the most appropriate equipment for your installation.
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  • What kind of energy storage battery is good for RVs and Marines?
    2022 - 12 - 02Admin What kind of energy storage battery is good for RVs and Marines?
    Choosing the appropriate energy storage power battery for RVs and Marines RVs and Marines are mobile living spaces with very limited space and capacity, so it is necessary to choose a suitable backup power supply (energy storage battery) to improve the quality of life in the mobile space. Lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries At present, there are two kinds of energy storage materials commonly used in small functional energy storage systems, one is lead-acid batteries and the other is lithium-ion batteries. Among them, lithium-ion batteries can be divided into square batteries, soft pack batteries and cylindrical batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are currently mainstream lithium iron phosphate batteries, ternary material batteries, etc. refer to lithium-ion batteries with lithium iron phosphate and ternary material as the cathode material, respectively. Ternary materials refer to Ni, Co, Mn or Ni, Co, Al three metal elements as the core element of the cathode material. The energy density of lithium iron phosphate battery is 120Wh/kg and 80Wh/kg after grouping, while the energy density of ternary lithium battery is 180Wh/kg and 110Wh/kg after grouping. After the battery is formed into a group, due to the harsh and complex working conditions, the life will be reduced to a certain extent. Cycle life of Lead-acid battery, ternary lithium battery and Lithium battery The energy density of lead-acid battery, ternary lithium battery and lithium iron phosphate battery are 40Wh/kg, 100Wh/kg and 80Wh/kg respectively, and the weight per kWh is 25kg/Kwh, 10kg/Kwh and 12.5kg/Kwh respectively, and the cycle life is 500 times, 3000 times and 3000 times respectively. The RV is designed according to the backup power of 10 degrees, the lead-acid battery needs 250kg, and the ternary and lithium iron phosphate batteries are about 100kg and 125kg respectively. Obviously, lead-acid batteries are not suitable as backup power for mobile transportation, comprehensive environmental protection, safety and other factors, ternary lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate are good choices.
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