Reliable home solar power system designer and manufacturer since 2007. We aim to supply all of the specialized parts that off-grid power systems need.

Main Products


Solar Panels

Solar panels come in two types: monocrystalline and polycrystalline. Where home or cabin owner wants their solar installation to be grid-tied, off-grid or emergency solar backup each of those systems starts with a solar panel selection.


Solar Cells

Solar cells, also known as “solar chips” or “photovoltaic cells,” are optoelectronic semiconductor sheets that use sunlight to generate electricity directly. We provide various size of solar cells with average 12%-18% efficiency.


Solar Components

An off-grid solar power system is mainly composed of solar panels, solar charge controllers, batteries and solar trackers. To supply AC loads, an AC inverter must also be configured. We provide the complete components at best price.


Solar Water Pumps

The solar water pump is a pump running on electricity generated by solar panels. Solar pumping systems allow vital water resources to be accessed in remote rural locations and require no fuel and minimal maintenance.

Off-Grid solar power system

Solar Power System

A solar power system or PV system is a power system designed to supply usable solar power by means of solar modules. We have developed a series of complete solar systems, if you have special needs, we can also customize the system for you.

Solar & Wind Hybrid System

PV Wind Hybrid System

Off-grid solar and wind hybrid system is a more efficient power generation system. It suits conditions where sunlight and wind have seasonable shifts. When the sunshine is insufficient, your wind turbine keeps turning even on those overcast days.

Why Choose Us

Competitive Price

By long-term cooperation with top solar cell & solar module manufacturers in China, we can get their stock at low cost and enjoy exclusive OEM service at competitive price.

Complete Product Line

Eco-Sources owns a complete line of home solar power system, ranges from solar cells, solar panels to solar system components such as batteries, inverters, controllers and solar trackers etc.

Strict QC & QA

We carry out strict QC system for each order before delivery and inspects 100% products by our own team. We fulfill our QA system faithfully. In strict accordance with the quality assurance agreement.

Well-Known Brand

Based on competitive price and strictly controlled quality, Eco-Sources has been gradually trusted in off-grid PV industry and viewed as the best choice for solar products by customers from worldwide.

Meticulous Service

We put a high value on its customer service system. Carefully selected sales representatives will follow up your order all the way and response professionally to your answer in a very short time.

Fast Delivery

Sufficient and various inventory can meet customers’ different demands at any time. The streamlined order process system can execute your order timely and systematically to enhance the efficient delivery.

What Our Customer Say About Us

I have my 20 panels wired in series, in groups of 4, running to my Outback Flexmax80 MPPT charger via two 10AWG runs, to my bank of Trojan Deep Cycle Batteries. These panels give me the expected VOC of 80+ (48V nominal) and at the sun’s peak of the day, I get the expected 27 amps of current. (MPPT charge controllers take the extra high voltage and convert it to charging current, if you’re not familiar with the technology, check it out – super efficient)


I bought this to use for opening and closing the step cover in my motorhome. It is well made and it came quickly. Excellent product and it works exactly as I hoped. I highly recommend getting this if you need a linear actuator. I love the one I bought. Just make sure you get the right length and also buy the relay, switch, and wiring for it.

G. BarberIndia

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