DIY Your Solar Cells


Solar Cells

The solar cells, also known as “solar chips” or “photovoltaic cells,” are optoelectronic semiconductor sheets that use sunlight to generate electricity directly. As long as it is illuminated by light that satisfies certain illumination conditions, it can instantaneously output voltage and generate current in the presence of a loop. Monocrystalline silicon solar cells and polycrystalline silicon solar cells are two main types of solar cells currently on the market.

Eco-Sources offers bulk solar cells can be used by professors, contractors and even kids for experimentation with new toys and educational science fair projects. Our solar cells provide various size with average 12%-18% efficiency. We design the educational DIY kits for passioned solar power enthusiasts as well as LED light, meter and electrician.

Here is our complete list of bulk solar cells and DIY tools, if you are interested in a DIY kit, don’t hesitate to contact us for more product information.