Pre-wired 6 String Solar Panel Combiner Box With 10A Circuit Breakers

Shot Description

Solar photovoltaic array combiners or solar panel combiner boxes are commonly used to combine several solar panels (or strings of panels) into a common bus. They are basically junction boxes that are specially designed for the types of wiring used in PV systems. Array combiners are usually needed for larger systems, but even in small PV systems it can make wiring, monitoring, and future troubleshooting much easier.


1. 6 string configuration, 10A circuit breakers.

2. Each string continuous duty rated at 250 Vdc.

3. Photovoltaic high-voltage protection.

4. Each String with high-voltage fuses, over-voltage & over-current protection.

5. Lightning arrester for both poles.

6. Anti-backflow diodes, anti-backflow & anti-reverse protection.

7. Circuit breaker output control, short-circuit fault protection, safe and reliable.

8. Protection class IP65 for outdoor installation requirements.

9. Touch-safe circuit breakers & non-conductive box.

10. All UL compliant components used.

11. Includes output cable glands & safety labels.

12. Includes lightning/surge protection module (1000V).


Model ECO—PV6
Input Circuits/Circuit Breakers 6
Circuit Breaker Rating 10A
Max Total DC Output Current 60A
Max Input Voltage Rating 250V
Max Output Voltage Rating 250V
Protection Grade IP65
Operational Environment Temperature -30~+70℃
Relative Humidity 0-95%
Cooling Method Natural Cooling
Surge Lightning Protection Yes
Dimension 260*320*115mm(10.3″x12.6″x4.5″)
Weight 5.1kg (11.22lbs)


First Stage convergence for PV arrays, optimize solar system wiring to improve the PV power efficiency.