Male & Female MC4 Waterproof Cable Connector for Connecting Solar Panels

Short Description

The Eco-Sources MC4 solar connectors Male/Female solar panel cable adaptor controller cable red copper waterproof antioxidant connector for connecting solar panels 1000V 16A. The shell is made of pro insulating &hard plastic material with high rigidity, high heat resistance, fire resistance, wear resistance, pollution resistance, excellent aging resistance and anti-ultraviolet ray ability, and can resist severe weather such as heavy rain, snowstorm or heat for a long time.


1. Quick & simple assembly processing and simple remove from plugs
2. Compatible with PV cables can insulation different diameters
3. Double seal ring for better waterproof effect
4. Connection with cable by the crimping tool
5. Insulation Material: Made of PPO + PA material which can against any types of terrible weather


Maximum voltage:1000V
Level of security: II
Maximum operating current:16A
Waterproof grade: IP67
Temperature:- 40℃~+ 85℃
Contact Material: Copper, Tin Plated
Protection Class: IP65
Rated connecting capacity: 4mm² /6mm²


Male connector into the female connector insertion point, hear the “popping” soundproof assembly qualified;
If you want to separate male and female header connector, you can use the special tool or your finger connecting the two points out of.

Required Tools

Wire stripping pliers
Line pressing pliers
MC4 special wrench