Dual Axis Solar Panel Tracker Controller Box With Remote Control

Shot Description

This dual axis controller can control the dual axis linear actuator to make the solar panel to follow the sunlight, Keep the solar panel always face the sunlight. Dual axis solar tracker controller is a basic component for the dual axis solar tracker system. It can work with 12V/24V linear actuator, and make the solar tracker can substantially improve the amount of power produced by a system by enhancing morning and afternoon performance. Our dual axis solar tracker with smart weather detector, stop working on cloudy days. Flat the solar panel during nighttime or rainy day. Flat the solar panel in the storm.


1. The solar tracker is used for off-grid system. It can be used directly on 12/24 volt systems.

2. Work with 12V DC linear actuators to make a complete tracker.

3. Remote Control tracker system, auto- control and manual control option.

4. Automatic interval adjustment and light sensor adjustment.

5. Weather detector, day&night detector, will flat the solar panel while getting dark at dusk or under bad weather, start to follow the sun on the next morning or start to track while the weather is clear.

6. Protection: 6A built-in fuse to avoid faulty damage, overcurrent protection, and reverse pole connection.

7. IP65 waterproof design.

8. Max control precision is ±1.5 degrees.

9. Warranty: 1 years.


Nominal output 8-25V
Max load current 6A
Waterproof IP65
Operating temperature -40 to +85℃

Installation Instruction