DC 12 Volt 12 Inch Stroke Heavy Duty Linear Actuator with Mounting Brackets

Short Description

Linear actuators are actuators which create motion in a straight line. Unlike a motor, which creates circular motion, a linear actuator can be used with any application that requires moving something in a straight line (e.g. up and down or side to side). The Eco-Sources Series Linear Actuators are a powerful and reliable linear actuator for small to medium loads. We designed our linear actuator with pre-lubricated metal gears, pre-installed limit switches, and with an IP65 (suitable for outdoor use) water resistance rating.


1. Retracted length = 16.54 inches (420mm), Stroke length = 12 inches (300mm), Maximum current draw = 3 Amps, Maximum Load = 330lbs(1500N).
2. 12V motor has gearbox and is rated to hold up to 330 lbs when not moving. An all-metal housing and is water-resistant and sealed against dust for rugged durability.
3. The unit can be controlled with a double pole, double throw switch or with the built-in position sensor and optional linear actuator programmable controller.
4. Quiet clean and energy efficient operation. Accurately positions the load at variable and repeatable locations within the full stroke.
5. Package included: 1pc 12V 12 Inch Linear Actuator with 2pcs mounting brackets.


Input Voltage: 12VDC
Stroke Length: 12″/300mm
Retracted length: 16.8″/420mm
Extended Length: 28.8″/720mm
Max Push Load: 1500N/330lbs
Max Pull Load: 1000N/264lbs
Maximum Load: 1500N/330lbs
Travel Speed Without Load: 0.22in/sec (5.7mm/s)
Duty Cycle: 25%
No-load current: 0.8A
Max load current: 3A
Protection Class: IP54 Rated
Color: Silver


1. The linear actuators are controlled by applying a 12VDC voltage, basically, connect the two wires to a 12-volt battery.
2. For 2pcs actuators, please wire them IN PARALLEL, then connect the wires to 12 volts battery.
3. Reversing the polarity will make the actuator reverse.
Red wire to the positive terminal and black wire to negative terminal will make it extend. To make it retract, reverse the terminal connections.
4. The actuator has pre-installed limit switch inside, it cannot be adjustable.
5. It will hold its position when the power is off. It will auto stop when it reaches the end.


1. As great little pushers, linear actuators are used to adjust helms and doors, lift tables and other apparatus, adjust the TV antennae and regulate the many valves used in the systems.
2. In daily life uses, linear actuators can be used to open doors, lift tables, raise flat screens at home and in buses, in-floor cleaning machines and mobile traffic signs, automated spice rack etc.
3. Trucks use linear actuators to adjust spoilers and tilt the cabins.
4. The linear actuators serve to adjust recliners for headset and footrests and relaxation beds.
5. Other home appliances that use linear actuators include difficult access windows and ventilation ducts.
6. Adjusting stretchers and procedural tables, regulation of hospital beds and wheelchairs, and adjustment of hospital beds and other hospitable tables.

DC 12 Volt 12-inch Stroke Heavy Duty Linear Actuator with Mounting Bracket Application