82W 20 Cells 6″*6″ (156 x 156mm) Solar Cells DIY Kits

Shot Description

The Eco-Sources bulk solar cells are a grade with the average efficiency of 16.8 %, each solar cell can reach 4.1w/pcs. Solar cells are suitable to make DIY solar panels like epoxy solar panels, standard glass solar panels, semi-flexible solar panels. solar cells kit can be used as teaching tools or be showing purpose in the education area. Solar cells can also be used on DIY toys, like small toy cars.

Package Included

1. 20 pieces 4.1w High power 6×6 solar cells(4.1w solar cell)
2. 1 pc flux pen
3. 40M tabbing wire(2mm)
4. 5M bus wire(5mm)
5. 1 pc lead box
6. 2×0.9M cables(4mm)

Flux Pen

Features: no clean flux pen, no lead for environment-friendly, can be refilled, no hurt of your skin, easy your solar panel DIY.
Application: flux pen can be used in solar cell tabbing and bus wiring, PCB board soldering, electrical repairing, educational kit, and many other soldering uses.

Solar Tabbing Wire

Gauge 0.2mm
Width 2mm
T of copper 0.1mm
T of Tin 0.03mm
Width range ±0.1
Thickness error ±0.01

Bus Wire

Gauge 0.2mm
Width 5mm
T of copper 0.1mm
T of Tin 0.03mm
Width range ±0.1
Thickness error ±0.0
Tools Parameters
Average Power (Watts):  4.1 Wp 
Average Current (Amps): 8.2 Imax 
Average Voltage (Volts):  0.5 Vmax 
Efficiency:  16.8% 


DIY solar panels, DIY solar appliances, standard glass solar panels, educational purpose, solar powered toys, solar powered lights.

solar cell application


These solar cells can be damaged by sharp objects, please keep the solar cells dry and clean and protect the bus bar from getting oxidic.