40W Semi-Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel For 12V Battery Charging On Boats, RVs

Shot Description

With its flexible design and 30-degree bend, the Eco-Sources 40W semi-flexible monocrystalline solar panel can be installed onto a variety of buildings and vehicles, including boats, caravans or motorhomes. The flexible nature of this super thin panel makes it the ideal choice for fitting to curved surfaces.


1. Ideal for RV boat or tight spaces or crowded areas that are typically off limits for traditional glass and aluminum models.

2. Suitable for marine use: the laminate coating on the exterior of the panel makes it impervious to saltwater splashing, rain, and other weather elements.

3. Completely waterproof Junction box. sealed and waterproof junction box and makes it waterproof.

4. Light weight 82 % lighter than aluminum glass solar modules

5. Durable surface is less than 1/8″ / 2.5mm thick

6. Quick Connectors: 1.4 meters of flex fitted with S-S connectors for quick and easy setup

7. 1-year material warranty


Rated Power 40W
Vm(V) 18V
Im(A) 2.32A
Voc(V) 22V
Isc(A) 2.76A
Module Size (MM) 597*540*2.5 (23.6*21.3*1/8″ )
Number of cell 36
Cell Dimension (mm) 125
Maximum system voltage (V)   1000
Temperature coefficients of Isc (%)  +0.1%/℃
Temperature coefficients of Voc (%) -0.38%/℃
Temperature coefficients of Pm (%) -0.47%/℃
Temperature coefficients of Im (%) +0.1%/℃
Temperature coefficients of Vm (%) -0.38%/℃
Temperature Range  -40℃ —85℃
Junction Box Type  PPO, black
Length of Cables (mm)  750
Cell Efficiency (%)  ≥18.0%
Output tolerance (%)  ± 3%
Backsheet Aluminum substrate
Encapsulation PET
Standard Test Conditions AM1.5 100MW/c㎡ 25℃
Net Weight 1.5kgs(3.3lbs)


Eco-Sources semi-flexible solar panel is ideal for Boats/Sailboats, Yachts, Marine applications Motorhomes/RVs, Expedition Vehicles, Commercial Trucks/Trailers, Caravans/Popup Off-Grid and Remote Communication sites

Semi-Flexible Solar Panel Application