400 Watt 12V/24V Wind Turbine Generator with 20A Hybird Charge Controller

Shot Description

The Eco-Sources wind turbine is a smart choice and affordable for remote homes and cabins in windy areas. Electricity produced by wind generation can be stored in batteries for household use when needed. Wind generators can be used alone, or they may be used as part of a solar & wind hybrid system, in which their output is combined with that of photovoltaics. Hybrid systems are especially useful for winter backup of home power systems where cloudy weather and windy conditions occur simultaneously.

Package Included

1. Includes 3-Blades Wind Turbine with 20A Hybrid Controller
2. To make this system complete, you need to get some electric cables (14awg suggested) to connect the wind turbine, solar panel & 12V (24V) appliances with the controller, and you would need a battery to store power to run your appliances freely.
3. Also, this kit doesn’t come with a pole, we suggest you buy one in your local place. Height of tower/pole: 4.5m-10m, pole diameter: 7.4cm – out diameter, 5.3cm – inner diameter.


1. 400-watt 12v/24v wind power system uses wind to generate power and run your appliances. It can be used in conjunction with solar panels.
2. Controller connection: 3x green line for the wind turbine, red is positive for all connections, blue is negative for solar panel, black is negative for battery, yellow is negative for the load.
3. High-performance nylon fiber blades by precision molding injection. It’s designed for both land and marine.
4. High efficient and compact alternator with high-performance NdFeB permanent magnet. Fully integrated regulator that automatically shuts down when the batteries are completely charged.
5. The wind turbine includes generator, 3 blades, tail and hardware. Specified materials for corrosion resistance to sea and salt water. Built-in automatic and manual braking system to protect from sudden and high wind speed.

Electrical Specifications

Rated Power 400w
Rated Voltage DC12-24V
Battery Voltage DC12-24V
Start-up Wind Speed 2.5m/s(8’/s)
Rated Wind Speed 10.5m/S(35’/s)
Maximum wind speed 35m/s
Rated Rotate Speed 800r/min
battery capacity 200AH-400AH
control system Automatic fan dedicated controller
Inverter Pure Sinewave Inverter
Generator style Permanent-Magento-phase A.C
Fan blade quantity 3
Wind leaf material Carbon fibre composite
Rotor diameter 1.2M
Tower diameter Suggest more than 80 mm
Altitude of tower 4.5M-10M
Fan in the weight 8KG
Pole diameter out diameter 7.4cm inner diameter 5.3cm
packing specification 687*365*210mm(27″x14.4″x8.3″)
Product Life 15 years
Warranty 1 year
Certification CE

Solar and Wind Hybrid Controller Specifications

Rated Voltage DC12-24V
Rated Wind Generator Capacity 400W/800W
Wind Generator Braking Voltage 14.5V/29V
Wind Generator Recover Voltage: 13.2V/26.4V
Rated Solar Power 500W/1000W
Max. Discharging Current 20A
Battery overpressure protection 16.5V/33V(Close the load output)
Battery discharge protection 10.7V/21.4V(Close the load output)
Battery discharge recovery voltage 12V/25V(Restore the load output )
Quiescent Power Consumption 15mA
Ambient Temperature -35~+75℃
Dimensions(L x W x H):  150mm×87mm×28mm
IP Protection Level IP67

Working Principle

1. There is wind, the wind turbine blade in the rotation, the kinetic energy of the wind is converted into mechanical energy, the spindle rotation to generate electricity
2. The controller will produce an alternating current into direct current put in the battery,achieve the goal for electric power.
3. When battery when completely filled, the controller is disconnected charging current controller to uninstall state formation, to protect the battery will not overcharge
4. Inverter (only off-grid inverter should be applied here)main function is will have a low voltage DC wind generator, and battery storage of electrical energy is converted into AC 220 v / 50 Hz alternating current (AC) to meet all kinds of household appliances use.


For the connection of the seven cable
1 Firstly, connect the positive poles of load, battery and solar panel to the red wire.
2 Next, connect the negative pole of load to the yellow wire of controller.
3 And then, connect the negative pole of the battery to the black wire of controller.
4 Finally, connect the negative pole of the solar panel to the blue wire of controller.
5 The three-phase voltage input lines of controller are respectively connected to the three-phase voltage output line (green line) of wind power generator.
6 After the wire connection, please wrap the joints in waterproof tape for preventing water from entering.


Solar & wind hybrid systems are especially useful for winter backup of home systems where cloudy weather and windy conditions occur simultaneously.

Solar & Wind Hybrid System Application