4 String Solar PV Combiner Joint Box with 10A Circuit Breakers for On/Off Grid System

Short Description

The Eco-Sources solar PV combiner box is suitable for photovoltaic grid-connected and off-grid power generation systems. Its main function is to converge the input of PV array. It is configured with photovoltaic dedicated high-voltage lightning arrester, DC fuse and circuit breaker to provide short circuit fault protection and lightning protection.


  • 4 String Configuration, 10A Circuit Breakers. This combiner box is widely used at on/off-grid solar panel system. The maximum total watts is 700W in the 12V system, 1400W in the 24V system.
  • Each string is equipped with high-voltage fuses, with over-voltage and over-current protection.
  • Photovoltaic special high-pressure lightning arrester, the positive and negative both with lightning protection.
  • Photovoltaic special high voltage circuit breaker control output, providing short circuit fault protection, safe and reliable.
  • Protection class IP65. Used to Install between the Solar Panel and the Solar Charge Controller ( off grid system), or between the Solar Panel and the Inverter ( on grid system)


  • Model: ECO—PV4
    Number of Max. connection PV array: 4
    Max. input current of single PV array: 10A
    Total input current of PV array: 40A
    Max Input Voltage of single PV array: 250V
    Max Output Voltage: 250V
    Protection Grade: IP65
    Operational Environment Temperature: -30℃~+70℃
    Relative Humidity: 0-95%
    Cooling Method: Natural Cooling
    Surge Lightning Protection: Yes
    Dimension: 8.66″x6.69″x4.33″ (220*170*110mm)

Installation & Maintenance

Solar PV Combiner Application

1. Usage instruction: connect solar panel positive and negative with box input port respectively, please switch the breaker at 1.ON. Suggesting to use the cable that more than 10mm².
2. Don’t connect PV input and output port reverse, otherwise the output equipment couldn’t work normally, moreover damage other equipment.
3. When maintain or test this combiner box, please notice the input and output port may with power, please be careful of electric shock or damage other equipment.
4. After thunder weather, please check the anti-thunder module, if the malfunction indicator is red, please replace the module in time.
5. Please use M6 bolt (Not included) fixed the 4 holes on the combiner box bottom to install it. Please install at aeration drying place, avoid direct sunshine, high environmental temperature and moisture influence equipment function.
6. This combiner box connects with the ground line to prevent thunder damages equipment and solar panel.