20 Watts Epoxy Resin Solar Panel for 12V Camping Car Battery Charging

Shot Description

The Eco-sources series of the epoxy solar panel has been traditionally used for solar lights, solar toys, solar educational kits for kids and students in schools which has less demanding performance requirements. It is usually used for low voltage and low power applications. Now we have developed 5w, 10w, 20w poly and mono high-efficiency epoxy resin solar panel. We can also customize it according to your requirements.

Package Include

1 Piece 20W epoxy solar panel.
1 Piece Junction Box (Had installed behind Panel).
1 Pair of 6.6ft(2M) Wire ( Had installed behind Panel ).
1 Pair of 30A Battery Clips ( Had installed on the wire ).
1 Piece 1N5819 Diode (Had installed in J-Box).


1. Perfect solar trickle charger and maintainer for 12V batteries of cars, motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, tractors etc.
2. Free sunlight charger. Environmental protection and energy saving, built-in blocking diode to prevent reverse discharge, not only maintains the battery life but also extends its useful life.
3. Waterproof and light design, easy to carry for outdoor activities.
4. Charges 12V rechargeable batteries in emergency, and keeps your electronic devices charging when you are working or traveling in the wild, or facing power outage.
5. DIY your camper backpack.


Rated power 20w
Voc 22.4v
Vop 17.9V
Short circuit current (Isc) 1.23A
Working current (Iop) 1.14A
Output Tolerance ±3%
Temperate coefficient of Isc (010+/- 0.01 )%/ ℃
Temperate coefficient of Voc – (0.38 +/-0.01 )%/ ℃
Temperate coefficient of power Voc -0.47%/℃
Temperature range -40℃ to +80℃
SLA Battery Voltage 12V
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm 450*350*2mm (17.71*13.78*0.08 in)


Off-grid power for cabins, vacation homes, RVs, campers, remote monitoring systems.