1KW 24 Volt Off Grid Solar Panel RV Boat Kit with 60A PWM Charge Controller

Short Description

The Eco-Sources 1KW monocrystalline solar power system has several uses including marine, dry camp, and other off-grid applications. Completed package includes 6pcs 160W Mono Solar Panels + 60A Charge Controller + MC4 Solar Cable + Solar Combiner Box + Solar Panel Mounting Brackets.


  • High-efficiency silicon solar cells ensure high performance of solar modules and create maximum power output. 25-year transferable power output warranty: 5-year/95% efficiency rate, 10-year/90% efficiency rate, 25-year/80% efficiency rate.
    Designed for RVs, cabins, homes, boats, back-up and remote power use.
    By-pass diodes are pre-installed in waterproof IP-65 rated junction box to minimize power drop caused by shade and ensure excellent performance in low-light environments. Corrosion-resistant aluminum frame and anti-reflection coated glass withstand high winds (2400Pa) and snow loads (5400Pa).
    The system has the capability of withstanding heavy snow and strong wind loads.


160W Mono Solar Panel Module

  • Output Power: 160 Watts
    Nominal Voltage: 18 Volts
    Maximum/Peak Voltage(Vmp): 21.2 Volts
    Open Circuit Voltage(Voc): 22.41 Volts
    Maximum/Peak Current(Imp): 8.89 Amps
    Short Circuit Current(Isc): 9.76 Amps
    Solar Cell Type: Mono-Crystalline
    Solar Cell Size: 156*156mm
    Solar Cell Quantity: 36 pcs
    Frame Structure(Material): Heavy Duty Aluminum
    Encapsulation: EVA
    Warranty: 90% within 10 years and 80% with 25 years
    Dimensions:26.16*57.3*1.37 in (665*1452*35mm) Weight:28.2lbs(12.79kg)

Solar Combiner Box

  • Model: ECO—PV6
    Input Circuits/Circuit Breakers: 6
    Circuit Breaker Rating: 10A
    Max Total DC Output Current: 60A
    Max Input Voltage Rating: 250V
    Max Output Voltage Rating: 250V
    Protection Grade: IP65
    Operational Environment Temperature: -30~+70℃
    Relative Humidity: 0-95%
    Cooling Method: Natural Cooling
    Surge Lightning Protection: Yes
    Dimension: 260*320*115mm(10.3″x12.6″x4.5″)

60A Charge Controller

  • Maximum Charging Current: 60A
    Maximum Discharging Current: 60A
    Rated Voltage: 12V/24V
    Standby Current: <10mA
    Environment Temperature: -35℃–75℃
    Charge Off Voltage: 13.8v/27.6v
    Load Off Voltage: 10.5V/21V
    Load On Voltage: 12.5V/25V
    Size: 7.72”*3.23”*1.5”(196*82*38mm)