120W 12V Foldable Monocrystalline Solar Panel With Pre-installed 15A Charge Controller

Shot Description

The Eco-Sources 120 Watt 12 Volt monocrystalline portable solar suitcase is an entire solar power system incorporated into a single, compact package. This solar kit is perfect to take with you for a getaway trip. Also comes with a protective bag for easy storage. It’s completed with 4 legs to save you time looking for a spot to place your panel. All you need to do as soon as you have pulled up to your camping spot is fold the panel open, and lie it down facing the sun and let it do its job.


1. Easy Operation: open up the folding solar panel, face the sun, battery clips allows for simple connection to the battery.

2. Pre-installed controller and Pre-wired for 12V battery charging, you don’t have to add an extra controller.

3. With handle, convenient to carry.

4. Waterproof IP-65 Rated Junction Box: Advanced water and dust proof level (complete protection against environmental particles and low-pressure water jets).

5. Resistance to salt corrosion and humidity.

6. Corrosion-resistant aluminum frame for extended outdoor use, allowing the panels to last for decades as well as withstand high winds (2400Pa) and snow loads (5400Pa), Lightweight anodized aluminum frame and reinforced safety and anti-reflection coated glass 3.2mm thick (tempered + patterned).


Rated power 120W
Vop 17.9V
Working current (Iop) 6.66A
Output Tolerance ±3%
Temperate coefficient of Isc (010+/- 0.01 )%/ ℃
Temperate coefficient of Voc – (0.38 +/-0.01 )%/ ℃
Temperate coefficient of power Voc -0.47%/℃
Temperature range -40℃to +80℃
Frame and leg Heavy duty aluminum
SLA Battery Voltage 12V
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm 540x1198x77mm (21.34*47.35*3.04in) & Size without Foldable 1080x1198x37mm(42.68*47.35*3.04in)
Weight (kgs)  15.33kgs(33.8lbs)


These foldable solar panels are ideal for hiking, camping, and military use, off-grid solar panel system, caravan, RVs, boat, Greenhouse solar panel system, solar pump watering system etc.


1. Unfold the solar panel, expose the solar panel to the south(inclination angle from 15-30 degree),
2. Connect the appliance to the load terminal of the connector
3. Connect the male weather pack connector with alligator clips to the female weather pack connector from the controller
4. Clamp red and black alligator clips to positive and negative ends of the battery respectively.