100AH 12V Black Battery Box with LCD Screen for Marine and RVs Batteries

Short Description

This LED battery monitor is a battery specific residual battery monitor. With low power consumption, can be a long time to show the battery power, it can be used in all kinds of light conditions with LED screen. It is suitable for lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries and other applications, simple wiring, using standard connector, convenient maintenance and disassembly.


1. Battery holder/case only, Battery not included.
2. Safely and easily connect trolling motor or accessory to the battery ports without opening the box.
3. Battery box dimensions(L x W x H): 345mm x 195mm x 201mm (13.6” x 7.7” x7.9”).
4. The LED display real-time display remaining power and battery voltage.
5. Suitable for use with 12V car, motorcycle, van, marine and lawnmower lead-acid batteries.