Foldable Solar Panel

foldable solar panel

Foldable Solar Panels

The Eco-sources series of portable folding solar panels are now in their 3rd generation design. The panels were originally designed for humanitarian purposes. They are lightweight, durable and extremely portable. It’s designed to charge a deep cycle battery or battery bank from which you can then power 12V appliances or 180~260V appliances with the use of an inverter. It’s widely used in camping, caravans, mobile homes, farms, beaches and deserts. Now we have developed 80W, 100W, 120W, 160W and 200W mono and poly portable folding solar panel.

These compact panels fit easily into most backpacks and are perfect accessories to provide power for a wide range of electronics. Foldable Solar Panels keep you connected, power your outdoor life, and helps you get more out of your outdoor adventures.

Here is our complete list of folding solar panels, if you are interested in a folding panel, don’t hesitate to contact us for more product information.